Go Israel NA is passionate about Heritage Tours focusing on Israel, as well as fascinating programs to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and beyond.

Founder and owner of the company, Dina Aharon, was born in Ein Karem – a pastoral village in Jerusalem, Israel:

“Working in tourism, primarily to Israel, has always been the most natural choice for me. I grew up in a religious Jewish home as the granddaughter to the Chief Rabbi in Ein Karem back in the 60’s. Reading about this village being the birthplace of John the Baptist, surrounded by new immigrants from all over the world, coupled with the rural, rustic landscape of my youth has shaped my identity to be open-minded to all cultures, faiths, nature, and mainly to welcome people to my homeland with pride.


My entire professional career has been dedicated to promoting tourism to Israel. I had the privilege of working for Israel’s Ministry of Tourism for over 20 years, including a diplomatic mission to the United States. In the private sector, I gained additional experience working with a north American tour operator as well as representing one of the leading Israeli hotel chains in the United States. Tourism is not only my business – it is my mission in life.”



Dina Aharon, Founder & Owner


Why choose Go Israel NA?

It’s true – there are many companies that promote the same destinations with similar programs. At Go Israel NA, you will find a much different one-on-one approach with a team that not only has the experience and understanding of the American travelers’ expectations, but the added value of personal and comprehensive knowledge of the State of Israel as a tourist destination. We stand for trust, integrity, and an emphasis on personal attention. Whether we are providing you with a guaranteed departure tour, a customized program, or hotel accommodations- we put a great deal of attention and care to each person and every detail, from start to finish.


Our Team

We work with some of the best and most reputable land operators in each destination, with over 20 years of experience in the field. We provide high quality programs as well as excellent travel services. We want our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed while traveling, so we make it a priority to ensure that no matter where you are, you will always have a contact we trust – not only at your destination but also back home, with Go Israel NA. We love what we do, and we look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you.