“How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.”
-Spanish proverb

“We were in a crowded local bar in Triana, way too late. In the corner, a gypsy band was playing. Right next to us was a couple in their 60s drinking sherry (by then, we were experts). Without saying a word, the couple stood up from their table and started dancing, just like that, this impromptu flamenco. It was amazing to watch, almost as if they could not control themselves and the music was taking over their bodies. Next thing you know, the whole bar was standing, stomping their feet, men clapping hands over their right shoulder and, before we knew it, we were too.”

This client story is the perfect embodiment of the Spanish proverb, “In Spain, no one is a stranger.” The infectious joy of living permeates everything. From the moment you arrive – often without even being aware of it – you are embraced and drawn into the panoptic soul of Spain, just like this couple in Seville, who couldn’t resist the urge to join the party.

We want your Spain to be all encompassing. While we love Andalucian gazpacho, we want you to savor the unimaginably rich food scene of San Sebastian and the seafood of Galicia. While we want to impress you with the great museums of Madrid, we also want you to take in off-the-beaten-path villages of Aragon and Extremadura.

The Spain we introduce you to is indeed complex, diverse, culturally rich, and always gorgeous. Most of all, our Spain is personal.

The Spain we want you to remember years after your trip is a Spain built on one-to-one encounters with people who share your passions and who will enhance your travels by introducing you to a local, intimate Spain.

You will see this Spain in the warmth of your host’s smile as she welcomes you into her home overlooking the Cathedral of Seville, the largest Gothic construction in Europe; and in the eyes of the owner of a finca, or rural estate, as he shows you the horses his family has raised for hundreds of years. Or in the face of a chef in a 400-year-old gastronomic society, as you master a family recipe he learned at the hands of his grandfather.

Visit our Idea Lab for a sense of how we can make your Spain a personal one, in a land where “no one is a stranger.”