“Morocco is built on tolerance.”
-King Mohammed VI

The sense of welcome you feel is part of the Moroccan ethos of hospitality. Moroccans by and large don’t see themselves as part of the Middle East, but as citizens of a unique North African kingdom. Here Africa kisses Europe and the refinement of France – Morocco being a former French protectorate – meets the beauty of the Islamic world, all combined with the visceral pull of Africa. Moroccans are proud of their Berber roots, their racial diversity and the myriad influences on their society, including a 2,000-year-old Jewish community.

They are proud as well of the largely pro-Western stance of their government and of the changes their King has brought to their country, especially increased rights of women.

They are just as proud of two historical footnotes: Morocco was the first country to recognize the newly-independent United States, and the Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship is the longest unbroken treaty relationship in United States history.

Our clients are awestruck not only by Morocco’s natural and manmade beauty, but equally by its diversity and its intriguing contrasts. On the same day, you can touch snow in the largest mountain range in Africa and walk barefoot on the warm golden sands of its largest desert.

You will see women wearing headscarves holding hands with their daughters, who are wearing skinny jeans. The complex intertwining geometries of the architecture in Fes contrasts with the raw beauty of the crumbling kasbahs in verdant Saharan oases.

In the morning, you can time-travel to the Middle Ages where donkeys are still the main mode of transport, and in the afternoon shop in designer ateliers whose collections just debuted at Paris Fashion Week.
We send clients to Morocco for the same reason we send them to our other destinations – we love this country, and all its contrasts, deeply. Even for us, after all these years, it remains endlessly surprising. And that is one of its greatest joys.

We love bringing Morocco alive for you on a person-to-person basis, meeting traditional storytellers and artisans as well as cutting-edge designers. Head over to our Idea Lab for some examples of what we can do for you.