We had the most wonderful time. Thank you so much for everything and I look very forward to working with you again! Laura.

Israel and Dubai - Private Tour

Feb. 2023

It was a wonderful group trip; thanks for making it so smooth! The participants appreciated your responsiveness , and while there were a few bumps (two people got sick on the trip) and flight cancellations (both legs of our return trip were challenging), all of the important details that were in our or your control worked out great. Eitan was a delight to work with and our driver went the extra mile (literally).

Israel, Congregation Beth Shalom

June 2023

It was an amazing trip for everyone in our family and Ofer, being our guide in Jerusalem, really allowed us to gain so much from our time there. He was simultaneously a guide, a teacher, and driver and he really imparted so much insight about the historical and religious sites we were seeing, really tried to make the experience relatable to the kids (especially my son, Jasper), and he answered many of our questions about the culture and religion in Israel. We all thought he was so knowledgeable, thorough, but he also understood our family and quickly got a sense of what we could do and appreciate! We can't thank you enough for pairing us up with Ofer — our trip wouldn't have been the same without him!

Israel, Family Tour

July 2023

Overall the trip was great! My family appreciates all your efforts to ensure that we made use of our prior cancelled trip that was headed to Israel. We are grateful Dina/Efrat for all your efforts. POSITIVES: The hotels were nice and comfortable. My family enjoyed the Nile Cruise experience. We felt well rested and refreshed while on board and the staff were hospitable with great customer service skills. The airport transportation was well coordinated with guides meeting me and helping me all throughout the airport exchanges. My favorite tour guide was in Jordan. He is the gold standard for all guides as he was informative, attentive, courteous, and stood with me through any foreign exchange transactions to ensure that I understood or had any questions. This was huge for me as I had previously had a bad experience while in Egypt. He knew the area and was a treasure troll of Jordanian history for the entire family. He even offered me additional stops along our journey, such as a hot air balloon ride in Petra. The food throughout our trip was also delicious and the Mediterranean region is a great place for families to relax and be at peace.

Egypt & Jordan, Private Family Tour

March 2024

We really enjoyed the tour, it was one of our best trip ever , the tour guides Moses, Etti, Khaled , were very knowledgeable, engaging, and patient with us and we really learned a lot from them. The hotels where we stayed in were awesome, very comfortable and very good buffet with lots of food choices. The tour buses were very comfortable, good air conditioning, we have chargers in the bus, wifi and comfortable seats. The drivers were very experienced drivers, and driving really well and smoothly that we fell asleep in between long trips in our tour..We didn’t have to worry about anything because we are all being taken care of extremely well. Thank you very much GO Israel NA. We would love to travel with your agency again in the future!

Evelyn, Vicente and Jasmine Gadot

August 2022

Thank you for everything and for allowing us to see your beautiful homeland.
God used you and your staff to make our dreams come alive 🙏🏻

Pastor Taglorin

July 2022


Carmen G.

February 2020

Evan was a wonderful guide; knowledgeable, humorous, dependable and organized. He and Surri our driver worked as a team. Surri kept us comfortable and safe - impressed me with his driving skills in such busy traffic. When Surri chose places to eat they were the best. Evans choice of Edmund as guide in Bethlehem was on target. My pilgrimage was made special and kept sacred by your great staff. Appreciated their information on present day Israel.

Debbie Hansen

January 2020

I absolutely loved our trip! Very informative and spiritual! If I go again I think a little bit more time to ponder and reflect would be great. Introductions in the beginning would be good as well. But overall I would and already have recommended this trip to many people! I can’t wait to go again one day! Thanks so much for all you did to make this happen!


December 2019

Our drivers and guides were top notched and really looked out for our large group of 86 people. We had 2 buses and loved how our guides laid out the tour each day to us.

Patti C.

December 2019

I had a great time on my Israel trip, it was truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g! There was so much to see and it was well worth it, a dream come true for me as a believer. I definitely will be spreading the word about you guys, GoIsrealNA and look forward to going back with my husband and mother in the future and will keep you guys in mind. I also want to thank you for giving us the BEST tour guide ever, Rafeal. He was so informative and down to earth it seemed as he part of our crew along with Showmo! He could maneuver that bus like nothing. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you for a memorable experience I will never forget and all the work that was done behind the scenes to make it happen!

Annie R.

November 2019

It was a great experience, I highly recommend to everyone who wants to travel with this agency, the only thing that you have to worry is to be ready for enjoy, they do everything for you!

Ingrid C.

September 2019

This was the first trip for my husband and I and we were elated with all that we experienced. Our tour guide Tito was exceptional, his thorough knowledge, candor and humility was seen as he explained the historical context of the places as we drove through or physically visited. He should also be commended for his humor and ability to connect with others, he has great people skills. Tito had such wonderful insight and uncanny ability to put things in perspective, that helped me to clearly see and understand so many of the things that I have studied and read for decades. Shalom was an excellent driver, I literally felt like I was driving on air, I have a fear of driving in buses and I felt safe. This trip is a must for all those who would like to have a deeper connection with their faith. The Bible will come to life as you tour the sites.

Ingrid S.

March 2019

Over all this has been a spiritual blessing to me and my sister. Thank you!

Sandra P.

March 2019

The tour guide, Tito, was exceptionally courteous and knowledgeable of the history of the Holy Land. Shalom was extremely nice as well and he is an excellent driver.

Ruby Perez

March 2019

I had a great time. Our guide on bus # 2 Tito was excellent the food was great the accommodation was great I could recommend this trip to anyone and would be confident that they also would have a great time. I would like all of my friends and family to experience this adventure. Thank you once again.

Bobby Estes-Brady

March 2019

I am very satisfied with the trip. I am happy I went. My tour guide and driver were the best - Teto and Shalom. I know of a group that is going next year I would like to recommend them to you.

Marvel Hooper

March 2019

The trip was excellent; continue the excellent job!

Godfrey O.

March 2019

I think everyone should take that tour to Israel ....they can see what the Bible tells us about Jesus ....while he was on earth...the road he walks while he was on earth ...It’s a very interesting and intense experience..

Juliet E.

March 2019

It was truly a wonderful experience. I will highly recommend anyone to fly Go Israel.

Clova R.

March 2019

The overall tour was spectacular and enjoyable. Our tour guide brilliantly expounded on biblical and historical nuggets that truly opened up the life of Jesus like never before for me. I will never be the same in my Christian walk and belief in Jesus Christ. This indeed was a life changing experience and encounter..Wonderful and l will cherish the time spent in Israel forever.

Dr. Rosalind Vinson

March 2019

I had a great time, awesome experience I would do it all again. Really a wonder time loved everything well planned and organized trip thanks and God blessings..

Deloris Channer

March 2019

The trip to Israel was very good interesting informative and eye opening about the message in the bible. I understand the bible more and appreciate life and what we have, especially the rain. In Jericho, the dessert where rain fall seldom and water is precious. This let me appreciate life and give God thanks for everything Thanks be to God for his love and mercies towards us

Venette O.

March 2019

Yahir (our guide) and Igo (driver) were absolutely 10 Stars as were Rabbi Bleefeld and Merrie (Mrs. Bleefeld). This trip through ``Go Israel North America Travel`` is forever indelible in our minds. There was not one downside. Dina and Efrat, you are excellent, experienced planners. We wish you only the BEST.

Nancy and Larry Litwin

February 2019

We thank Dina Aharon and Efrat Poulson for giving us the opportunity with ``Go Israel NA`` to make an unforgettable experience. From the Start to the End everything was so great. Starting with the planification, the flights, the guides, the hotels, the drivers...etc, that was incredible. Wonderful, wonderful experience. With our experience we can suggest to who ever is thinking to go for a tour just contact ``Go Israel NA`` these people, they know how to make your trip excellent. Thank you again Go Israel NA! Our next journey will be in your hands.

Rose Olivier Pierre and Rose Bareau Lemorin

February 2019

Our group was diverse, yet we had so many similarities. Three of us ladies were 55, and all but one couple had a partner who converted. The tour guide Yossi, in our opinion was top notch. So knowledgeable and articulate. He knew how to get us wherever we needed to be on time with premium parking. We loved having him as our tour guide/driver! This was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you for all you did, your planning and your kind and reliable customer service.

Julie C.

August 2018

Dear Dina and Efrat,
This was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you for all of your help in arranging our tour for us.
Our group was diverse, yet we had so many similarities. The tour guide Yossi, in our opinion was top notch. So knowledgeable and articulate. He knew how to get us wherever we needed to be on time with premium parking. We loved having him as our tour guide. Also, thank you for arranging the early transfer. It worked out perfectly.

July & Stephan

Jewish Heritage Tour. Aug. 2018

Good Morning Dina & Efrat!
Just wanted to say thank you for all you have done and all your help during the reformation tour trip.
May God continue to bless you both. Blessings!


Pre-Mission Trip: London, Paris, Brussels & Berlin July 2018

Hi Dina and Efrat,
We just returned from our Israel adventure. I wanted to tell you that the trip was FANTASTIC!!! Our guide was awesome and the itinerary was very well planned, we covered so much of the country. The extra fun items like the mountain slide, bike ride and the ATV ride were just perfect! Thank you so much. The hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were in perfect locations also.

Sue W.

October 2017

This trip far exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations in every way. I know if you controlled the check in process at the airport that piece would have made the whole process perfect! However everything you controlled was excellent. Our driver, tour guide and hotels were superb. All events were expertly coordinated. Thank you. I'm ready to return.

March 2016

Thank you for a very well organized and beneficial trip. Thanks to Bishop Binda and Sister Valarie for their support during the trip.

March 2016

It was a wonderful trip. I believe every Christian should experience this.

March 2016

Trip was exceptional and inspiring. Exceeded my expectations, Tours very tiresome but would not change a thing. Would encourage every believer to do that pilgrimage.

March 2016

The tour guide was Excellent. Very knowledgeable and welcoming. He kept us safe and very informed. I would certainly consider using him on another trip.

Marcia Pennicott

March 2016

I was very satisfied with my tour guide and driver, I would like to request them for next year March God willing. The tour explains every site we attended that I have a better understanding when I read it in the bible.

Corretta Dixon

March 2016

It was a Spiritual experience. It really make you look at things in a different way. The knowledge and wisdom of our tour guide was excellent. I truly enjoyed the trip.

March 2016

We thoroughly enjoy the trip the bible came alive to us it's a trip we will never forget.

March 2016

Awesome trip and I would recommend to my friends and family.

Moses Appiah

March 2016

This Trip was indeed a spiritual journey for us. Words cannot express how blessed we felt during our time in the Holy Land. Thank you and your staff for making this a memorable trip.

Valerie Binda

March 2016

We had an excellent tour and hotel accommodation.

Rev. Dr. Edward Nyarko

March 2016

The trip was exciting and filled with information. It was an enjoyable experience that exceeds my expectations. It is like being in the bible. The only problems I had was moving from hotel to hotel and that the first and second hotels I would rate on a scale of 1-10 would be a 3. Everything else was great.


March 2016

Our tour guide and driver were awesome. Our tour guide `{`Ronen`}` is knowledgeable, pleasant and humble. He is the best tour guide ever.


March 2016

From beginning of the planning for the trip until the departure of the returning flight it’s as if Go Israel was behind every single detail of this fantastic trip

Pastor Ephraim Pena

February 2015

We love Meir and Ronnie. They work very well together the entire experience with them was like being with family. I can’t wait to do this trip again. Thank you.

Sherine Titus

February 2015

Our tour guide and driver was awesome!

Dawn Smalling

February 2015

The trip was well planned. The tour guide - Meir - was very knowledgeable and quite informative. The bus driver demonstrated his skills at his craft and exercise much patience. Over all great trip. I would do it again!


February 2015

The trip was awesome- everything was great. You guys did a great job organizing and putting it all together.


February 2015

Thank you Meir. You have to be the best tour guide there is. Your knowledge, personality and patience is appreciated.

Patsy Nurse

February 2015

I was truly bless going on this trip everything was well organized we have a excellent tour guide and driver we have a wonderful time.

Myrna Newell

February 2015

Yoni Simmons was the greatest guide. the drivers were superb. it was educational, entertaining and encouraged us in our experience of Israel.

Rev Alan Shelby

December 2014

Ronni and Asher were both extremely knowledgeable and kind. I was fascinated with the information they disseminated and their care and concern for every member of our group. I never felt left behind, or not cared for. I was NEVER bored, although sometimes I was physically challenged as we traversed the rough terrain. I would return to Israel tomorrow, if I could, provided we are led by these two very capable gentlemen. Thank you for making this probably the most fascinating and rewarding voyages I have ever had!

Jeannine A. Kiger

June 2014

I just want to thank you for helping me throughout the planning of this trip. My Mom, aunt and I went on the tour with Pastor Conception and we had a great time. I would book another trip with your agency anytime. It was a trip I will remember fondly!

Dianne G.

February 2014

Our trip to Israel and the Holy Land was inspirational and lovely. What a beautiful country Israel is! I am now an ambassador for promoting visits there to those I speak! I enjoyed our Jerusalem Guide, Michael, who was most knowledgeable and affable. Our driver, ``Mordi`` was superb and skillful. We felt very safe in his vehicle and at the sites we visited. Please tell the rabbi how much we enjoyed meeting him and listening to his talk and singing with him. He was a delight! It was nice to finally meet you. You are a lovely and gracious lady!

C. Frassica

February 2014

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work that was put into making my tour of Rome, Israel, and Jordan such a wonderful experience! The sights I saw, the foods I tasted, and the friendships I've made on this trip will remain with me. I was left speechless by St. Peter's Basilica, cried at the Wailing Wall, got muddy at the Dead Sea, and fell in love with Taybeh Village. While all our tour guides were good, Ronnie was absolutely excellent! Even while I was still on this trip, I was thinking of ways to save up money for the next trip!

B. Edwards

February 2014

Hi Dina and Happy Holidays.
I want to thank you for the excellent tour you arranged for us. We very much appreciated everything. Real professional arrangements (flights, hotels, tours, tour guides, drivers and even the cars) were all luxury.
I look forward to taking my entire family again on this trip.
Thank you again.
Best regards.

Ibrahim. Israel & Jordan

November 2013

This is an honest evaluation of my experience with GoIsrael North America.
Due to a surprise vacation, I decided on Friday August 23 in the morning to visit Israel the next week. I needed help from a travel agent that could accommodate my plan. I looked up on the Internet and found Go Israel. Called a toll-free number and spoke directly to Dina. In her efficient and hard-working style Dina and Efrat worked late hours contacting their parent company in Israel to arrange all the details for me to travel on Tuesday 27th from LAX. This included airfare, hotels, tour packages and all the details. I took the Holy land package C and left within Four days of booking the trip. Wow. Now, let me explain about the safety, itinerary, tour, hotel and food.
Israel Safety - contrary to what we see on the news media here in the US, as a woman traveling alone, never once I felt unsafe throughout my trip, even with the possible Syrian conflict in the background.
Itinerary - the Holy Land tour package was complete. All the important and necessary highlights of the historical and cultural places were covered quite extensively. There were No extra charges unlike other tours who charge extra for ``optional tours``.
Tour - the tours everyday were conducted in a punctual manner and the pickup/drop-off service was timely and anxiety-free from the time I stepped down from the plane to the time I boarded the plane to go home. The guide was knowledgeable and went out of his way to make every place we went to ``special``.
Hotels - since I selected the Holy Land Plan C tour, the hotels selected for me were clean, simple, and have the right facilities. To me, I wanted to spend my time seeing places rather than lying on my back by the hotel pool.
Food - breakfast and dinner were included in the price of the package which I found very convenient. The food was plentiful, fresh and the variety was fantastic. Being a vegetarian plus fish/egg eater, I enjoyed plenty of fresh fish and well prepared meals.
A final comment. Initially, I had reservations selecting a travel agency on line and trusting them with my money and my travel plans. Fortunately, once the arrangements were made my concerns faded away and I felt very reassured. Dina from US kept in touch throughout the trip and made sure that everything was in order.
GoIsraelNA, thank you for making my trip a most memorable one and I would recommend you for any travel arrangements you handle in the future.
Kind regards

Dr. M. S.

August 2013

Our trip was amazing!! We had great weather, a wonderful guide and it couldn't have been better! I think this trip was far better than the trip in 2019! I wanted to let you know that and how thankful we are of you to arrange it all for us! The group would like to return 2025 and would like the trip to include 2 days in Egypt and 2 days in Rome. Of course it would make the trip 14 to 15 days. We can talk about it but first I need to rest!! 😂 Again thank you so much!!!

Israel - Group Tour

Feb, 2023

Hi Dina and Efrat, thanks for everything. Our trip was rich and a very successful one. Looking forward to doing it again. Blessings, VMB

Israel - Church of God

March 2023

Dina, this is a lasting relationship. In fact, l am praying to God to bless me to bless some pastors with a trip to Israel. You will be planning this trip.

Dubai & Israel. Church Group

March 2023

Thanks very much for organizing our amazing trip. ,Jim and us had a lovely time.

Israel, Private Tour

May 2023

Dina! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with such an awesome tour. It was remarkable. Your country is beautiful and full of history. You are right, once you go to Israel, you want to keep going back. Thank you so much for making the joy of traveling possible.💥🙏🏽🥰

Genody A.

Dubai & Israel Feb. 2022

Amir, our Tour guide was exceptional! She represents everything a tour guide should be. It was a pleasure to have her!

Joanna Pons Torres

March 2020

The trip really couldn't have been better, Israel and all the logistics exceeded my expectations, PTL!

Steve F.

December 2019

Yoni is an amazing guide. He is not just knowledgeable and adept, but also highly personable and a joy to be around.


December 2019

Both of my parents went to this trip (74 years old). They really enjoyed, it was their dream accomplished. They liked everything. They expressed that it was their best experience in their lives. They felt that the trip was so spiritual, and that was the most important thing for them. I am so happy that my parents came back safe and happy about that great experience.


September 2019

This trip was a trip to treasure many thanks again for allowing me to be a part of it. God bless 🙏💞

Joyce K.

March 2019

Our group had 2 buses and I was on the bus with Tito Anidjar as our tour guide. Tito was absolutely amazing. He's a wonderful tour guide, full of knowledge of every area we visited. I learnt a lot from him on this trip. He surely took care of us the entire trip. I appreciated his patience with our group.

Marsha V.

March 2019

This was just a great trip from start to end! Everyone should check this out! Truly awesome

Melton H.

March 2019

It was an awesome experience . The trip was well organized and our tour guide and driver were the best.

Beverly B.

March 2019

Trip was great, tour guide was very informative and knowledgeable. I would recommend to my friends

Sharon L.

March 2019

My wife and I had such a wonderful time, so uplifting.

William James

March 2019

My group had Anidjar Tito as our tour guide. He has a great sense of humor & he’s very knowledgeable. If I visit Israel again, I would want him to be my tour guide.

Terrian Gilpin

March 2019

The trip was excellent and the experience was life changing for me as well as others. Our tours were great, with a wonderful tour guide, service was excellent all around. The trip far exceeded my expectations. Go Israel and Elder King are the best.
Thanks again for ALL your hospitality we were truly blessed.

Marie K.

February 2019

We enjoyed the trip of a lifetime with our family to Israel. Dina is a delightful, knowledgeable, and caring travel advisor. She was sincere and attentive to every detail in planning our trip and making sure that everything went smoothly during our stay. Our excellent guide, Eilon, made our trip extra special ! We highly recommend Dina and her staff at Go Israel NA !!

The Gordon Family

August 2018

Hi Dina,
Teddy loved his room in TLV. He said the hotel in Jerusalem is amazing.
They upgraded him to the top floor with a huge balcony. The reception desk said he has a great agent.


August 2018

Amazing trip and I’m so glad we took it!
Tito is great. Very knowledgeable and accommodating. Thanks so much for checking in on us, and for surprising us with the delicious treats and wine! We are both very happy that we spoke with you last night. Today was a great day, and you are always amazing!


Egypt, Jordan & Israel. May 2018

Thanks and God bless you!! Everything was perfect ???? Our tour guide Amir is # 1. In Jordan Ramadan was excellent. Thanks Dina and Efrat. We are ready for next year: Greece and Israel

Anaida Pichardo

Israel & Jordan, September 2017

My Dear Efrat & Dina,
Oh! what can I say that would be the most appropriate words to describe this unforgettable experience, I am still searching. Thank you guys for making the perfect arrangement to facilitate the most important events of my life. May God continue to bless you both. I had the most awesome experiences these last ten (10) days and I definitely have no regrets. This was a spiritual awakening for me and I learned so much. Thanks for providing us with the right drivers, the right guides and excellent accommodations. I will be remembering this opportunity given to me for a might long time. Thanks again, until the next trip.


Israel & Jordan, October 2013

I want to thank and commend you for helping Lynn and I have a most wonderful vacation in Israel. You saved us time, money and aggravation. Whether it was a car rental or to book a hotel for a last minute addition to our trip, your local team made all the arrangements with speed and courtesy. Upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport, we were given a private escort through passport control to the luggage claim area and through customs to the main terminal where the car driver greeted us! That's what I call personal service! You also catered perfectly to our touring needs.
My companion was Christian so it was important that we visit both the Jewish and Christian historic site. You created the perfect mix of historic sightseeing and relaxing/leisure time activities. In short, I can't say enough good things about working with a travel professional like you. It was as if I have a personal concierge to take care of my every need! Thank you for making our trip such a memorable experience. I look forward to booking our next vacation with Goisraelna.com.

Bill W.

Israel, July 2013

It was a spectacular trip. It exceeded my personal expectations. Thank you for all the time you spent with me on the phone and on email. You took everything I asked for or described in consideration - from hotel views to the type of guide we wanted. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know hoping to plan a trip to Israel! Thank you!

Michele Fried

Israel, July 2013

It was a great trip. Our guide, Ronen is very good and his timing was right on. We had several very slow walkers so he made a few changes after talking to me about them.
The last dinner on the way to the airport was great. The food was good and the location was great. Everyone loved the outdoor feel to it.
I have asked Pastor Randy to refer me to his other Pastor friends so I can come back again, soon!
Thank you for all of your help.


Nov 2012

We are back to New York, the trip was wonderful, everything went well by the grace of God
Travelers were very happy with the hotel and the tour in general.
Thanks for your patience with me. I am very grateful for all.
Thank you very much again.

Pastor Concepcion

Israel & Jordan February 2013

Dear Ms. Dina, Hallelujah!!!! We are back from our SPIRITUAL JOURNEY and we have so many things to say, we do not know what to say first.. and say next.
My wife and I were initially pessimistic, blame the media for stressing that gas masks are no longer available for non-citizens of Israel. We did not allow ourselves to be consumed by fear, and gladly went with the group. Now we can honestly say, Israel is such a beautiful, PEACEFUL country.
Ms. Dina, on behalf of Ms. Millete Beltran's group, I would like to express our most sincere gratitude for the BEST PILGRIMAGE we ever had, EVER. Your suggestions, orientation and last minute instructions and encouragements made us feel secure and made the pilgrimage a big success.
Also, we would like to acknowledge the impact of our tour guide, Isaac. He is THE BEST TOUR GUIDE this part of the universe. (This I can say after a comparative analysis of the many tour guides we had in the past, in our travels the world over). Isaac was very professional, sweet and caring but he knows when to draw the line. He made our pilgrimage not only a spiritual journey but also a historical journey to the Biblical past. We learned archaeology, sociology, geography, politics (even how to deep- fry Falafel) from Isaac, more than what we learned from our professors in school. We tried to inject some dirty Filipino jokes but Issac stayed on the safe professional side, his jokes remained sanitized and clean but altogether funny. The added side trips he gave us as a bonus, we highly appreciate. Most important to mention, he really guided and assisted us from the time we set foot at Ben Gurion until the last minute during our flight back here in the US. (We just hope he did not miss his train back home to Haifa that night). Ms. Dina, we pray that you keep Issac in your tourism business. He is an asset. We repeat, he is THE BEST.
We also give credit to our driver, Joseph. He is quiet but he definitely knows what he is doing. A skilled driver, he too is magnificent. He likewise deserves a medal of honor.
Lastly, our never-ending and sincere thanks to you Ms. Dina, Ms. Milette, Isaac and Joseph.
Very truly yours,

Dr. and Mrs. Vittorio Roy Orcajada

September 2013

We are doing well. Our guide Nam is an excellent guide with superb people skills and knowledge. The hotel here in Assos is nestled by the Aegean sea so we slept to the soothing sound of waves. Wonderful!

S. Norman

Turkey, Dec 2012

Hello Dina, Carol Ann, Steve, and Fr. Tomasz,
David and I had a wonderful time on our Israel tour--as I had hoped, the itinerary was just perfect for first-timer David and allowed me to learn about Christian sites I had never visited before. We were also quite happy with the accommodations and all other arrangements.Thank you so much for all you did to make this trip so great!

Interfaith tour, Feb 2013

Hi Dina:
It was a great pleasure traveling with GO ISRAEL NA and Pastor Rosario. Both tour guides ( Sonia in Israel and Mohammed in Egypt) were incredibly knowledgeable, kind and dedicated to their job.

Ana Maria

Egypt & Israel, February 2013

Ms. Aharon,
Just a note to thank you for demonstrating your planning expertise on the Holy Land Tour for the Warwick SDA Group. The tour was very comprehensive and you left no detail to chance. We were given first class treatment from all the service providers. Each member will have much to boast about to our family and friends. It was an awe inspiring trip for sure. Our eyes have been opend, our feet have graced the monumental places Jesus trod, we've sung, swam, sailed, rode on camel and train, flew and most of all experienced, the many facets comprised in today's remnants of the Holy Land.
Thanks again and have a happy new year!

Llewellyn and Luann (Father & daughter)

Israel , Jordan & Egypt- Dec 2012

Thank you for all the kind assistance and the favors that you did to make my tour with my husband to Israel enjoyable. I am so proud of Israel. I've been telling all my friends especially in my church to make it their dream to see that wonderful birthplace of Jesus; for it's worth-spending for both time and money. I hope to be back again. If I listened to all the negative/scary news on the media or TV I would have missed the opportunity of seeing my long, long time dream place. I have a lot of friends to go next year. I will continue to promote Israel as the best place that anyone should plan or dream to see. Everything about it is wonderful. There's nothing at all to be scared of and worried about Israel. The negative news about the place are not within. It's a peaceful place. It is GOD's nation so secured by Him


Nov 2012